Who are you?

Imagine a random person comes up to you, whom you’ve never met and neither have they met you. They ask you this simple question,
“Who are you?”
and that one line of answer is the thing they’ll ever know you by, judge you and see you by, and perhaps tell other people about you by.

Is it easy to answer now?
That one line of answer can take a lifetime to find.

What is “You”

Lets see,
You are your beliefs, Ideas, Knowledge, Processes and Possessions. Is it easy to answer now?

A person’s Identity is 3 concentric circles. The outer one is for those who have met you, and know you but are not close enough. The middle one is for those who are close to you, who know your ups and downs, with those whom with you feel “you”. The inner one is just you, the real you, whose you know all the truthfullness, mistakes, imperfections, powers and vulnerabilities.

For most people “You” is just the inner circle and the most difficult to find. But when we answer that question, its not relevant to answer with respect to the inner circle. Then how would you define who you are?

For many, finding the inner circle is most difficult and its because of lack of self-communication. But that’s a different road to go. For most people, their outer most circle answers that question. And mostly, that answer is their Profession, Business, or their highest achieved academic “label”. But is it you wanna be known for, seen by, judged by and influence people by?

When you define yourself through your profession, you are considering your knowledge, your experience and your history. Is this who you are? or are you something more than that?

Reduce yourself to nothing

To answer the question, you must find your true-self and relate it with the lives you touch. In finding your true-self, have no attachments to what define you — your beliefs, Ideas, posessions, processes. When you relate to nothing, its easy to find what you are reduced to: What values you wanna create in people’s lives.

What value you wanna create?

When you have reduced yourself to nothing, look inside and feel what you really need/want to do, but maybe cannot do because of obstacles, your situation, limitations or unavailability of certain resources.

Sometimes, it also difficult to see what you really need/want to do. Perhaps its another difficult question to answer. so lets rephrase this question to something easier that you can answer, later on, building on that answer, we can comeback to this. so now, ask yourself “What do you want people to feel or believe?”.

Once you can answer it, next question to answer is “How can you make them do so?”. When you find an answer to this question, you already have the answer to this another question: “How are you creating values in people’s lives?”. So by finding what you want people to feel and believe, you can find a way to create values in their lives.

Once you’ve found a way to create values in people’s lives in your own way, give up on things that stop you from doing it. Whether be those things your beliefs, methods, old knowledge, possessions, ideas — anything. Dismiss all obstacles. Sounds easy right? It takes people a lifetime to form a lifestyle that is fully devoted to their goal. But its just that you wanna do it or not, if yes: then scale doesn’t matter; but only every action matters.

The answer

How does this all help you to answer that question? actually, it only takes you deep inside. That person who asks you this question, should be you.

Its actually you who will always know, judge, see youself and influence other people by that answer.