About Nathlete

Nathlete is a social platform for sport enthusiasts who dare to call themselves athletes and are ready to go out and sport everyday. It lets these players filter and book one of the best turfs in their city (currently only in Bhopal, India). For turf owners, its a platform to join the mordernisation by making their business available on internet.

Nathlete has currently two apps, which are part of their main product. Nathlete User app & Nathlete Business app.

Nathlete User app

Nathlete app for users is a well curated app with beautiful UI and Intuitive UX. In Nathlete user app, players can :

  • Search & connect with other players inside the app
  • Search, Filter and book various outlet turfs in their city
  • Cancel or Rescedule a booking
  • Pay advance or full amount through the app directly.
  • Get critical updates for their bookings like cancellation or reminders via notification.
  • They can set their preferred sports and their experience in them, for other users to see and match.
  • They can control their privacy such as hiding their connections.
  • See complete booking details along with paid amount and remaining amount, online & at turf.
  • See fill history of their bookings and rate their experience.
  • View information about upcoming sport events in their city.

Nathlete Business app

Nathlete Business is the other side of platform that provides the turf business owners to manage bookings of their turfs. With Nathelte business app :

  • They can see and manage upcoming, past and currently running bookings
  • They get all user contact information of the player
  • They get notifications for critical events about bookings such as new booking or cancellation
  • They can cancel any booking with a valid reason and initiate a refund
  • They can log all their offline payments of bookings into the app
  • They can save notes regarding a booking
  • They can reserve a slot by creating an offline booking
  • They can separately handle their cash and digitally recieved payments at outlet
  • They can get total booking finance informaion with complete transparency
  • They can see aggregate booking finance data via month or week
  • Thet can manage their outlet profile on nathlete platform
  • They can change slot prices with precise control such as mutliple rates per hour of the day
  • They can set prices for multiple sports on same turf
  • They can manage mutliple outlet profiles with single account

Tech Stack

Flutter Firebase Razorpay NodeJs Webhooks NOSQL Database Google Cloud Messaging Firebase Cloud Functions

My Role in Nathlete

I joined Nathlete on 17th January of 2021 as a freelancer to integrate razorpay gateway into the platform. The project was in flutter and its state-management architecture was something new that I never had experience with. I completed integration within a week with complete testing. After that, my next task was integrating backend with the frontend, because when I joined, it was all running on dummy data. It was a major task of writing all API classes and controllers, and keeping state management at chill.

It was only basic app at that time that didn’t have much features. I then joined as a full-time freelancer to rapidly develop big features inside nathlete user app. Firstly there were tons of bugs that I fixed, I restructured database, helped model entities, integrated Google SignIn/SignUp, added SMS verification, Designed UI of few screens, finally published the app on PlayStore.

After sometime, when Nathlete planned to add few new major features, I suggested a complete refactor of code because the architecture was not efficient and scalable at all. So I restructured the whole codebase with better architecture and sane state management.

I was incharge of building the Nathlete Business app from ground up, which gave me power to choose the complete architecture and design of the product. Architecting Nathlete business’ database was little difficult because of modelling of entities such as slot timings & rates for multiple sports on same turf, and making the cancellation/reschedule policy entities so that cancellation refund followed those policies, and others. It was quite challenging but I enjoyed it because I had total control over this, so I could use my creative will as I wanted. Nathlete business app was completed in a record time of 6 weeks.

To conclude, Nathlete User app & Nathlete Business app were pretty interesting and new for me because I learnt so much about the sport booking domain with the development of these two apps. I learn about :

  • Managing large codebase
  • Architecting efficient NOSQL database
  • Intgrating various services into frontend & backend
  • Lots about ‘booking‘ systems
  • Managing Refunds and Webhooks from Razorpay
  • How not to strucuture a large application’s state management

In June 2021, my college made it mandatory for students to join an internship. I was already a 5 month (intern) freelancer at Nathlete. So I showed it as my Internship to my college 😂 Here’s my Letter of Recommendation.