My Classes App

The Beginning & the story

I started this project in my highschool (11th Std) as a tool for myself to organise my timetable and to keep track of important school related dates. As It felt me great convinence, I shared this app to my classmates and it started spreading like fire in my school.

As this project started getting soar, so in my highschool vacation, I rebuilt the whole app, and this time, I decided to publish this app to the playstore. so I rebuilt the whole app, architectured the app while keeping scalability in mind and when I was done, it was a wonderful result. I publised the app on 06-JUNE-2018

First few months started rough but people started to like the app much and there was lots of positive response throughout the world. Most of my users were from India, UK, USA and Malaysia. I always believed in organic audience and I never chose promoting it through advertisements. I kept giving updates and it kept growing, but at slower pace.

MyClasses v2

After 1.5 years, I again did some fundamental changes with an overall UI redesign. I took all the suggestions from user reviews and rebuilt the app with some major feature addtions. some of major features are listed as:

  • Multiple timetables support
  • Multiple types of timetables (bi-weekly, weekly, etc)
  • Concurrent classes
  • Smart autofilling for creating timetables
  • Widgets
  • Darkmode
  • Live timetable in notification bar
  • and many more with incremental updates

With the release of v2, app started to rise in popularity so much that it crossed 100K+ downloads very soon. App began to get so much attention! so I kept giving it more attention. I also added a freemium revenue model in this version which was based on purchasing of pro-pack to remove the Ads.

This time most of my audience was from India, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia. Mostly asian countries. so I started to optimise my app for them and I kept giving incremental updates with new features, UI/UX improvements, not to mention – bug fixes as well.

MyClasses v3

Starting v3, the app got feature to share timetable convinently via 7-digit self Destructing Alphanumeric code, along with backwards compatibility i.e. users can also import very old timetables. The events section got even more cooler with

  • Calendar section
  • Events summary dashboard
  • Repeating events
  • Alarm reminders for events
  • Ability to postpone or cancel tasks
  • Total of 5 Types of events (Reminder, Task, Test, Function, Holiday)
  • Total of 6 types of info fields (Text, Date, Time, Checkbox, Link, Class)
  • Sharing of individual events with 7Digit code

I also added analytics via firebase starting v3, so now I can closely measure the behaviour of my audience and improve their experience accordingly.


Overall, It was a great experience for me to develop, learn and serve such a great product that started as a tool for myself and now same for over 250K+ users around the world. I started my android journey with this app and learnt so many basic to immensely complex concepts. Not just techical but behavioral and corporate skills. I handled lots of user queries via emails and reviews and learnt to respond them nicely. I learn how to manage app store listing and the whole publishing process along with identifying and resolving publishing issues. I learnt how to implement/change large features inside a system without breaking it for old version users. And most importantly I learnt how to enjoy the process of building the thing I love (along with 250K+ people 😉).

Mentions & Best reviews

Featured in this Youtube video and this Instagram post.

Actually this is my dream app I dint know even this much wonderful apps we can download In playstore……… The features in this app are soooooo beautiful there are so many options the description about a task is explained wonderfully even I can write information about a task which will not be in my mind😅… Thanks a lot who have designed this app …..

GN Ramesh

This app is sensational, it’s really worth installing, it helps you organize your classes, tasks, events and the like… it has a contactor for how many days are left for you to complete your activities and also a timer to see how much time is left to finish. class, finally all the best!!

Maria Eduara

Really good app, its really simple. You have those little cute emojis i love it. You can costumes colours and right down your teachers ofc u can right in what ever language and right down your subjects you costumes. They save your costumes subjects and you can reuse them.Its so simple and cute. You can also have notes on this app you can costumes them too. You can organise your exems too! Super useful app love itt! For online school its a safeee!

Nevena Fiser

Tech Stack

Java Android NodeJs Firebase Analytics Firebase Crashlytics Firebase Firestore SQLite database

Updated on July 6, 2021