FAKEBOOK – Hack off

well friends this application is created by TAOSIF for you to hack your friend’s or enemy’s facebook account. I know its illegal but who’s gonna complain…but use it at your own risk.



  1. First of all this is a mobile app and it works only if your phone supports flash.mostly nokia phones supports flash.
  2. To make your friend fool first you have to force him to use thid facebook application or you can say him that “this is a new facebook application which automatically sends you 20 friend request” or whatever you like.
  3. Then tell him to login, when he presses login button then it will show network error. Now say your friend “oooo…i forgot that my internet connection is over..” thats all now take the phone from his hand and tap the upper-left corner of the screen (there is a secret hack button).
  4. After you press the upper-left corner invisible button then a screen will show the username and password of your friend. Memorize it and you’re done.
  5. But remember after you close the application the previous username and password will be dissapeared…
  6. To fit this application fullscreen, download by your screen resolution.
  7. There is no responsibility of TAOSIF on the misuse or loss by this application…use it at your own risk.and dont forget to enjoy.



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