Design Trim

About Design Trim

Design Trim is one-of-a-kind app for designers to buy textile designs for inspiration and for business uses. The app shows a fragment of the design which hints the aesthetics of design to the buyer, and once they’re satisfied with it, they can purchase it. Once purchased, it’ll forever be saved in their account, so that they can download it anytime in future. The downloadable BMP file is optmised for textile design specialised software AutoTex 2000.


  • All kinds of textile designs are available organised in categories
  • Easy to view and purchase designs
  • Purchased design instantly available in BMP format
  • Notification when new designs are available
  • Category notify with numbers when new designs are available
  • Feature to search design by category, style or colour
  • Filter designs by date and price

Motivation for this project

The idea initially was to create a portfolio for my uncle’s business DesignTrim, But then I had a thought to setup his business online. So rather than portfolio, I insisted in making a store for selling textile designs.

The problem and the solution

The problem with the Design is its secracy. If the design is seen, it is considered sold. Hence the difficulty in designing the platform was to show the users least enough to like it, but also hide other parts to protect it. We cannot totally hide the part of design as it might not give the users idea about the whole design. So I came up with the solution to Blur the hidden parts instead of totally blocking it out. This way, aesthetic of design is hinted to the user, but not shown. The amount of blur is not fixed for each design as it might be too strong to wipe out details in single colour for some designs. Hence an option to control the blur amount is given to the admin.

Tech Stack

Android Google SignIn API Paytm Payments Gateway Php MySQL Database Imagick Bootstrap

Updated on July 7, 2021