English Teacher

this moment was of my childhood, maybe of when i was in 3rd class.
A new English teacher came into our class, she taught us a story of a fish(I dont remember its name) from the book.she made us understand it.Then on next day she asked the class if everyone understood the story.Everyone replied ‘yes’ we understood (Not everyone understood it but we said so). so she decided to take a test. she ordered the class to rip a paper from our notebooks and get ready for the test.We were not ready although we made our mind.
there was only one question in the test, that was “write the fish story in your own words with a moral”.I was happy cause i understood the story and can write it in my own words.the test was running silently but some students were panic ’cause they did’nt wrote anything. I submitted my test paper within 15 minutes of test.the period change bell rang and teacher told students to submit their papers. papers were submitted.And everyone was curious about their results.On Next day, the teacher came and returned the checked test papers to the childerns roll number wise. she started calling 1…2….3….and gave papers to the students,I wa waiting for my number to come, i was sitting on my bench praying for good results.Atlast, my number came, the teacher called with everyone roll numbers, but in mine case, she first called roll number the she called my name, My heartbeat increased, this is because if she called my name, there can be two situations, whether i was fail or I got the highest marks.I rushed towards teacher. she said, “Tell me truth,Have you copied ?”,I was very fearful.Hence, I could not reply her, but after a silence,in a low voice I replied “I did’nt copied”, she shouted, “i know the truth”.I shutted up my mouth.Suddenly my friend MOINUDDIN stood up and said, “Mam, He did’nt copied!”,Mam shouted, “Tu bada satyavaadi ban raha he!(Oh so you’re becoming his lawyer).The whole class Laughed and became silent soon the teacher said me and my friend “Sit down”, in a loud and angry voice.

This moment taugh me that “If I’m true, I should not be fearful”.I know that i hav’nt copied, But because i did’nt spoke anything, Teacher thought i copied.But from that day, I knew that my english is such good that teacher did’nt believed that I, A 3rd Class’s normal student could write engish as same as in the book by himself.

From that day, I started Teasing my Friend As “Satyavaadi” ;-p